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A community-led proposal to regenerate the Old Shoreham Cement Works.

Site Overview

What to do with the Shoreham Cement Works?

In the heart of the South Downs National Park beside the River Adur lies an old chalk quarry, its roots bound inextricably with the history of the local area. Set in rolling green hills and close to historic towns and seaside resorts, the Shoreham Cement Works was a thriving hub of industry for over 300 years but fell into disrepair following its closure in 1991. Since then the question 'What to do with it?' has not found a fitting answer – until now.

The Off Grid Project was formed as a positive response to a series of negative proposals put forward for Shoreham Cement Works. The project has been developed with great sensitivity to the rich heritage of the site, along with the local fondness for its buildings and unique location within the National Park. Working closely with the local community, a team of environmentalists, green architects and business planners have put together a regeneration master plan that will meet the needs of the local community while enhancing the public experience of the National Park.

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Low Impact Living – First Hand

We've heard the terms 'zero carbon' and 'zero waste future' - but what does it really mean to experience life in this way? Set against the current global need to cut carbon emissions, Off Grid will offer visitors a chance to experience at first-hand a progressive, engaging vision of low-impact living while holidaying in the beautiful natural surrounds of the National Park.

At Off Grid we believe that through intelligent design we can create both beautiful spaces and a better quality of life for ourselves and future generations.

Our proposal uses landscaped terraces to repair an industrial scar on this cherished part of the countryside.

We will return plants and wildlife to this degraded environment and generate all running power from on-site renewable energy.

We will sensitively create desirable holiday accommodation along with a world-leading entertainment venue within a vaulted amphitheatre that can host the worlds leading musicians and performers.

The iconic industrial buildings will be retained, renovated and enhanced with the addition of a translucent solar roof. Our proposal will safeguard existing jobs and create new employment that responds to the unique context of the National Park. By providing a new cultural offer it will create an exciting new role model for developments in the National Park.


At Off Grid we believe you can have the time of your life without degrading the environment.

We showcase zero carbon buildings and technologies and how they interface with life, we produce more power than we need with all-renewable means and we process our wastes on site with zero carbon technologies.

We put the power in your hands. While staying at Off Grid we encourage you to try out the latest in electric vehicles, giving you the ability to explore the surrounding areas without using any fossil fuels.

At Off Grid we showcase the latest in innovative sustainable businesses all housed within restored parts of the iconic old building shell – giving you and your family the chance to see how we can build a sustainable future together.

At Off Grid we source our food, energy and fun locally.


Holiday Accommodation

Sustainable holiday accommodation in the heart of the South Downs National Park.


A world-leading entertainment venue with a covered stage and amphitheatre, housed under a translucent photovoltaic canopy.

Bars, restaurants and retail outlets which complement the site's green culture; regular farmers markets showcasing local produce.

Low carbon small businesses or businesses housed in the renovated large cement works shell.

Outdoor Activities

Explore the South Downs Way on foot, bike or by electric vehicle.

Natural swimming ponds with perimeter reed water polishing systems to collect surface water run-off and create wildlife habitat.

Kayak, watersports and outdoor recreation venue with cable powered wake boarding, rock climbing, high rope centre and mountain biking plus electric biking sports integrated into the quarry landscape.


Whatever your budget or needs, you will be able to find the perfect break at Off Grid.

Earth-sheltered 1 – 5 bedroom holiday homes landscaped into green terraces

Luxury eco-hotel with adjoining conference centre and stunning river side views

Hanging camping ball hostel - insulated pods suspended in the cavernous spaces of the cement works beneath the translucent solar roof.

If you would like a more detailed look at the proposal than please request our Brochure

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This is your National Park.

You have the power to determine the future of this site.

We have developed a plan that meets the needs of the local community and the South Downs National Parks Authority while giving the public a chance to experience wonderful holidays in the Park – but to make it happen, we need your help.

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If you wish to read more about this project then please request our Brochure.

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